Friendly Battles

Friendly Battles allow you to challenge your Clanmates, and are a good practice to take your gameplay to the next level. By clicking on the purple "Friendly Battle" button in the Clan chat, you can choose from 4 different types of Battles, including:

  • 1v1 Battle
  • 2v2 Battle (against 2 Clan members)
  • Practice your deck building skills! (Clan Wars 2 preparation)
  • Special Battle (unique rotating modes)

You can also battle your friends from Facebook, or the ones added after a 2v2 Quick Match, by locating and tapping on them in the Friends tab of your Player Profile. You can find your Player Profile next to the Pass Royale banner or by tapping on your name next to your Trophy score.

Tournament rules are applied but your cards will also be upscaled to match the Tournament level caps. No trophies, Gold or Gems are awarded.

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