Global Tournaments

Global Tournaments are recurring tournaments. The Tournament leaderboard allows you to compare yourself to your friends and the best players of the world! The winner of a Global Tournament is based on wins (Crowns as tiebreakers). You can keep on playing until you have reached a certain amount of losses or when the Tournament timer runs out.

All players will receive free rewards during the Tournament. All players will also be offered Bonus Rewards at the end of the Tournament and can choose whether to claim their Bonus Reward with Gems or discard the reward. In addition to these, the top players of the Tournament will also receive Exclusive rewards!


The matchmaking of all Tournament game modes is only dependent on the amount of wins you have in the ongoing Tournament. If there are longer waiting times in matchmaking, the matchmaking pool will be larger.

Good to Know

To enter a Global Tournament, the minimum King level is one level lower than the Tournament's level cap!

If you want to enter a Global Tournament capped at level 9, for example, your King level must be at least 8.

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