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Legendary Cards

Legendary cards are unlocked in Arena 4. From there on, you have chances of finding one. Like the name “Legendary,” they are very rare; hence, a bit of luck is also involved in getting those cards.

How can I get a free Legendary Card?

Here are some ways you could earn Legendary cards:

  • Chests
    Except for Epic Chests and low-tier War Chests, Legendary cards can appear in any kind of Chest!
  • Trade Tokens
    You can unlock new Legendary cards by trading Legendary Cards that you already own with your Clanmates or the Trader from Clan Wars!
  • Trophy Road
    By reaching a certain amount of Trophies, you can get your hands on some Legendary cards from the Trophy Road.
  • Special Events/Challenges
    You can also get Legendary cards as rewards from certain Challenges and Events. All you have to do is reach the required number of wins and it's yours!
  • Shop
    Once you reach 3000 Trophies, Legendary cards will start appearing in the Shop. They are offered at 40.000 Gold
  • Magic Items
    A Legendary Book of Cards or a Book of Books will give you all the remaining Legendary cards to reach the next upgraded level. A Legendary Wild Card will give you the opportunity to choose any Legendary card!
My friend has a legendary card from a locked arena!

Legendary Chests can contain a Legendary card from any Arena, even ones you have not yet reached.

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