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Magic Items

The Magic Items are a new type of resource designed to speed up progress and give you more control and choice!

There are four different types of Magic items, all of which become available at King Level 4.

Magic Books

Collecting 20 Legendary cards or 200 Epic cards in order to upgrade a card might seem like a huge mountain to climb. With Magic Books you don’t have to worry about it! A Magic Book will give you all the remaining cards required for you to be able to upgrade your card to the next level.

There is a Magic Book for each rarity:

  • Common Book of Cards

  • Rare Book of Cards

  • Epic Book of Cards

  • Legendary Book of Cards

There is also one Magic Book for any rarity!

  • The Book of Books

The Book of Books is the most powerful Magic Item of them all, which you can use on any rarity.

Keep in mind that these Books are very valuable and you can only hold one of each at the same time, so use them wisely!

Wild Cards

Wild Cards give you the freedom to choose the card you want! Instead of a normal stack of cards (e.g. 40 Valkyrie) you get the opportunity to choose any Card Stack within the rarity of the Wild Card!

There is a Wild Card for each rarity:

  • Common Wild Card

  • Rare Wild Card

  • Epic Wild Card

  • Legendary Wild Card

While all Magic Items unlock at King Level 4, Wild Cards can be found in Chests prior to this. In this case, they will be stored in your Magic item inventory for later use. You will be able to access your Magic item inventory and use your Magic Items once you reach King Level 4.

The probability of Wild Cards appearing in a Chest is based on the Arena Level of the Chest.

Starting in Arena 4, all Chests have a chance of containing Wild Cards with the exception of King’s Chest and Legendary King’s Chest, which are guaranteed to have a given amount of Wild Cards every time!

Please note that you cannot use Wild Cards to unlock new cards.

Magic Coin

The Magic Coin allows you to skip the Gold cost when upgrading a Card.

Chest Key

The Chest Key instantly opens any Chest in your Chest slots!

Where to get Magic Items

Magic Items are available everywhere in the game!

Pass Royale: For players with Pass Royale, Wild Cards (and other Magic Items) will be available at most Tiers, giving you more freedom of choice!

If you don’t have Pass Royale, don’t worry! There will always be Magic Items on the Free Reward track as well.

Trophy Road: Wild Cards are available on Trophy Road and replace Card Stack(s) of the same rarity.

Challenges and Global Tournament: Wild Cards and Chest Keys will be available at a certain amount of wins!

Shop Offers: All Magic Items are available, but Wild Cards, Chest Keys and Magic Coins are most likely to appear.

Good to know

  • Inventory is allowed to overflow if the Magic Items are from an in-app purchase.

  • The inventory will be checked when collecting Magic Items in Pass Royale, Trophy Road and Challenges/Global Tournaments. If the inventory is full, you can either go back to your Magic Items inventory and use up a Magic Item or convert the Magic Items to Gems or Gold by claiming them.

  • If your inventory is almost full and claiming more Magic Items would cause you to go over the limit, the inventory will overflow, and Magic Items will not be converted. Example: You have 900/1000 Wild Cards, you claim 200 more, your inventory after this will be 1100/1000, not 1000/1000.

  • Wild Cards can appear in Chests after Arena 4! The probability of a Wild Card appearing in a Chest is based on the Arena Level of the Chest - the higher the Arena, the higher the probability.

  • One in every 4 Legendary cards received from a Chest will be a Wild Card, giving you the option to get any Legendary you want!

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