Private Tournaments

Private Tournaments give you the option to create and customise your own Tournament. You can find the Private Tournaments section from the Menu in the top right hand corner of the main page.

Private Tournaments provide an easy way to set-up your own Tournament and gives you the tools to play with friends with the rules and game modes you want.

Private Tournaments have a 10 gem creation fee and no in-game prizes. You can freely customize the game mode, duration, level caps and maximum amount of players for your Tournament.


The matchmaking of all Tournaments is only dependent on the amount of wins you have in the ongoing Tournament. If there are longer waiting times in matchmaking, the matchmaking range will be adjusted.

  • In order to be able to create a Private Tournament, you need to be at least XP level 8.
  • Crowns received from Private Tournaments do not count towards your Crown Chests.
  • Only the creator of the Tournament pays 10 Gems. Everyone else can join for free!
  • There are 2 Tournament types:
    • Open: Anyone can join
    • Password Protected: To join, players need to know the password set by the creator
  • If you see the message "Someone in your tournament is looking for a match." on your screen, then it's a good time to search for a battle as well! That message is there to help you get into battles faster, when someone else is also looking for one.
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