Clan Wars


War Rewards

River War Chest

At the end of each Clan War Week, or if your Clan crosses the finishing line before the end of it, a River War Chest is awarded to the Clan members.

Depending on your Clan’s League, the River War Chest contains Gold and Cards.

The Boot

If your Clan didn’t manage to meet the minimum requirement of Decks played (80), you’ll get... the Boot!

While it sounds bad, the Boot contains Gold and cards, too, but less than the River War Chest.

Colosseum Rewards

Whether you win or lose a Battle in the Colosseum, you will be rewarded with Gold!

The amount you receive depends on your Clan’s League, and of course on the outcome of the Battle.

As soon as the Colosseum Battles finish, and thus the current Clan War ends, your Clan will receive a War Chest and Clan Trophies based on your final rank in the Colosseum week!

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