Clan Wars

River Battle(s)

Clan War Battles earn Medals for your Clan, and rewards for yourself! The amount of Medals you get depends on the Battle, and on whether you win or lose.

The current Clan War Battles available are:

  • Boat Battle
  • Duel
  • 1v1
  • Weekly Rotating Game Modes

The more Medals your Clan earns, the further your Clan Boat moves up the River.

Boat Battle

Your objective here is to defeat the Boat Defenses of enemy Clan Boats! In this PvE mode, you have to use your War Decks against Boat Defenses set up by enemy Clan members.

The more defenses that survive each Battle Day, the further the Clan Boat moves forward! Each defense is worth a different amount, and the cumulative value of the defenses that survive, will determine how much further the Boat will move.

Destroyed defenses of the Clan Boat will be unavailable until the start of the following Clan War Week.

During Boat Battles, you will notice a darker part in every Defense Tower’s hit points. This is the amount of HP that will be restored if you don’t manage to destroy it during your Boat Attack, and equals to 1/4 of its total HP!


Grab your best War Decks and get ready for a best-of-3 Battle!

Being the biggest challenge, the Duels provide the biggest rewards. It requires a minimum of 3 War Decks to duel.

Duels are a great test of skill, as the more Battles you play, the more you will need to use your knowledge of your opponent's decks and what cards they have or haven't used in order to defeat them!

Keep in mind that it's not possible to tie a Clan War Duel. If the Tiebreaker rule can not determine a winner, a Coin Flip will ultimately decide the winner.

Weekly Rotating Game Modes

Every week, a different special Game Mode will appear in the River Race! Just like the other River Tasks, it will have its own unique map node and popup.

If you enjoy the Party Button, we believe you’re going to love the new special Game Modes in Clan Wars as well!

Will there be more River Battle(s)?

Yes! We plan to add more River Battle(s) in the future, as Clan Wars progress.

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