About Seasons

Each season starts on the first Monday of every month, and a new theme is introduced to Clash Royale. This means all sorts of new content, including Emotes, Challenges, and more!

A new season also means a fresh start to climbing the Trophy Leagues. Pay attention to the seasonal balance changes to have the best chances of securing victory in the Leagues. New milestone rewards are added every season, making the climb to greatness all the sweeter!

Seasonal Balance Changes

We strive to make the battles in the Arena the most exciting they can be. A key part of this is making sure troops, spells, and buildings are balanced.

Every season, we analyze play data (including usage and win rates) and player feedback to determine what needs tweaking. Our goal is to make sure no card or deck composition is too dominant, thus dissuading players from creative and strategic play.

Look out for balance change announcements in-game prior to the beginning of a new season, and let us know your feedback on our social media channels!

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