Resources and Items

The Shop

As soon as you reach Arena 1, the Shop is unlocked!

You can get all sorts of amazing stuff from the Shop, including daily login gifts, Chests, cards, Gold, Emotes, Gems, and Magic Items! In addition to that, Special Offers appear in the Shop that might include Trade Tokens or Magic Books (excluding the Book of Books, which is exclusive to Pass Royale).

The Resources and Items can be purchased with Gold, Gems, or for real money.

Daily Deals

The slots in daily deals are refreshed every 24 hours. The number of available slots will differ according to the King level. The first slot, though, will always contain your daily gifts!

The daily deals include:

  • Cards
    You can purchase packs of cards for Gold or Gems. The cost for the card pack is directly proportional to the rarity and the number of cards.
  • Chests
    Epic and Legendary Chests can be offered in the Shop as a daily deal.
  • Login Gifts
    Gifts appear in the form of Gold, Gems, Golden Chests, and every Sunday, a free Epic card! It's easy to spot them since they always appear on the first slot. Log in once a day to claim them!
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