Clan Wars

The Trader

The Trader from Clash of Clans has arrived just in time for the River Races!

In addition to the pre-existing trades in Clan, the Trader will appear on the Banks of the Royale River.

No more stacking Trade Tokens because you want the same cards as your Clanmates!

How does it work?

Each day (refreshes with Shop) the Trader will offer 3 cards that you can trade for.

Each Trade will cost one Trade Token according to the rarity of the cards being traded.

You can also reroll the cards that you would like to give to the Trader by using Gems! The cost is always 10 Gems.

What cards are available?

If you are at arena 7 or above, Legendary trades will also appear, on an average of 4 per 30 days! Epic trades will appear every Sunday and the rest of the days will be Common and Rare Trades.

All cards are available for trade, even cards you have not yet unlocked! However, they cannot be from higher Arenas.

Maxed out cards and Star Points

Maxed out cards are converted to Gold (Common = 5 Gold, Rare = 50 Gold, Epic = 500 Gold, Legendary = 20,000 Gold) and Star Points, if King Level 13 (Common = 1 Star Point, Rare > 10 Star Points, Epic = 100 Star Points, Legendary = 1,000 Star Points).

Maxed cards cost Gold to trade, Common = 5 Gold, Rare = 50 Gold, Epic = 500 Gold, Legendary = 20,000 Gold.

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