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Trade Tokens

How does it work?

Trade Tokens allows you to trade cards with your Clanmates and the Trader. Once you reach King level 8, you will be able to use these Tokens. There is one Token under each rarity, and the number of cards you can trade per Token is as the following:

  • Legendary Token: 1 Legendary card
  • Epic Token: 10 Epic cards
  • Rare Token: 50 Rare cards
  • Common Token: 250 Common cards

You can see how many Trade Tokens you have, or initiate a trade, in the Clan tab. Tap the "Request Card" or "Trade Cards" button and then the "Trade" tab.

In the "Trade" tab, choose the card you want to receive, and then proceed to select up to four cards you would agree to give away. When you tap "Confirm," your trade will be posted on the Clan chat. Any Clanmate can choose to accept the trade, as long as they have a Token of the same rarity.

Where can I get Trade Tokens?

Here's where you can find them:

  • Shop
    In the Shop, you will occasionally see Trade Tokens as part of in-app purchase offers.
  • Trophy Road
    By reaching a certain amount of Trophies, you can get your hands on some Trade Tokens from the Trophy Road!
  • Special Events/Challenges/Global Tournaments
    You can also get Trade Tokens as rewards from certain Challenges and Events. By achieving the required number of wins, you will get rewarded with Trade Tokens.
  • Pass Royale
    Trade Tokens are also available in Pass Royale. One Token of each rarity is awarded once you make it to their respective Tiers.
Useful to Know
  • Trade locked cards
    All the cards in your Arena or below are available for trade, whether you have unlocked them or not.
  • More than 10 Tokens?
    The maximum number of Tokens you can own is 10. However, in some cases, you could own more than 10.
    Tokens acquired through an in-app purchase can exceed the 10 Tokens limit. Reaching the maximum amount of Tokens, followed by a cancelled pending trade, will also result in more than 10 Tokens.
  • Trading maxed-out cards
    You can trade a maxed-out card by spending the amount of Gold value of the card.
    * 250 Common cards -> 1250 Gold
    * 50 Rare cards -> 2500 Gold
    * 10 Epic cards -> 5000 Gold
    * 1 Legendary card -> 20000 Gold
  • I can't trade my Legendary Card!
    Level 9 (1/2) Legendary cards cannot be traded because they are your last copy of them.
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