Trophy Road

Trophy Road is the path of progression in Clash Royale. When you gain trophies on the 1v1 Ladder, you unlock and collect milestone rewards.

You can preview all the rewards and Arena thresholds by tapping on the Arena on your main screen. Set your goals and climb to the top!


The number of Trophies won or lost is based on the difference between you and your enemy's Trophies. Generally, if you win against a player who has more Trophies than you, you will be rewarded with more Trophies.

On the first Monday of every month, the Leagues will reset. Depending on your League, your Trophy retention varies.

  • Challenger (I, II, II) - 5000 to 5600 Trophies

  • Master (I, II, II) - 6000 to 6600 Trophies

  • Champion - 7000 Trophies

  • Grand Champion - 7300 Trophies

  • Royal Champion - 7600 Trophies

  • Ultimate Champion - 8000 Trophies

Players from Challenger I to III will retain 50% of their Trophies above 5000, players from Master I to III will retain 60%, and players from Champion Leagues will retain 70%.

Example: If you have 5800 Trophies when the Season ends, following the Season reset, you will begin the new Season at 5400 Trophies.

(800 Trophies above 5000 -> 50% of 800 is 400 -> 5000+400 = 5400 Trophies for the new Season)

The fresh start of a new Season means you receive new milestone rewards as you progress through the Leagues again!

Good to Know

Trophy Gates

Whenever you reach a new Arena, it means you’ve passed through its Trophy Gate, and thus, your Trophy progress is saved. In other words, you can no longer drop Arenas upon losing in Battle!

Please note, Trophy Gates apply to Arenas only (up to 5000 Trophies), not Leagues.

Chest Speed-Up Boosts

Reaching a new Arena or League is something to be proud of! Upon reaching a new Arena for the first time, you will receive a 24 hour Chest Boost. Boosts will stack up if you reach multiple new Arenas or Leagues while a previous Chest Boost is running.

Please note, you only get one Chest Boost per new League you advance to, per League Season. If you drop out of a League and later enter the same League again during the same Season, that won’t earn you a new boost.

Healthy Competition

When viewing the Trophy Road, on the left side of your screen you can see your friends' progress.

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