We’re Going to Beta!

We’re excited to announce that Valleys & Villages is going to beta with a new name: Everdale! That means big changes for the present and future of the game.

Expect massively increased support from Supercell, with higher production values, more players from more countries, and improved player support.

Since Everdale will essentially become a new game, all saved progress will start fresh. But don’t worry! All the time and money you spent on Valleys & Villages will not go to waste. We will provide gem compensation based on the money and time you spent. We also made an exclusive deco for all the Valleys & Villages players -- that will carry over to the Everdale beta because we love you. <3

You can claim your compensation by contacting support in Valleys & Villages. There will be a support bot that automatically sends the compensation to your Everdale account, so be sure to create an Everdale account first and take the player tag with you. The amount of the gem compensation will depend on the money spent, and the Village XP level you have reached.

Valleys & Villages will end in its current form in approximately one month, with Everdale releasing in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway Denmark, and Iceland on August 23rd. Crafting this game has been our most profound joy. Thank you for being part of the journey that was Valleys & Villages.

To the adventure ahead!

How to Request Compensation

If you have played Valleys & Villages, we have a special gift waiting for you in Everdale! Follow the steps below to request compensation.

  1. Log in to your Valleys & Villages account
  2. Press FAQ
  3. Find the announcement "We're Going to Beta!"
  4. Scroll down the page until you see the "Message Us!" button
  5. Press "Message Us"
  6. Start a new conversation to start the compensation process

Note: The bot will kick in when you type something in the conversation.

You will need an Everdale account to complete the process. Be sure to have it with you! Hope to see you soon in Everdale <3

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