The Basics

Kitchen and Pumpkin Soup

Food is important, and no villager can go long without it. That’s why your village has a dedicated Pumpkin Patch and Kitchen! It’s always ready to cook soup for hungry villagers.

Making soup and harvesting pumpkins are tied together. Pumpkins are the main source of food for your villagers, as pumpkins can always be harvested -- even by hungry villagers!

All you have to do is assign one villager to the Pumpkin Patch to harvest pumpkins and make soup at the same time.

Good to Know

Different Ingredients

Soup is not limited to pumpkins! You can make soup from other food ingredients, like raspberries and mushrooms.

Hungry Villagers

If your villagers are aimlessly congregating around the kitchen, it means they’re too hungry to focus on work. In that case, assign one of them to soup duty. Once they have eaten, they’ll get right back to work!

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