The Basics

The Harbor

Ships from distant lands dock and trade at the Harbor. Say “ahoy!” to Jill the Harbormaster while you’re there!

Ships will trade and request various goods. Complete their tasks to receive all sorts of awesome rewards, including:

  • Coins
  • Books for the Great Library
  • Reputation Points

So, visit the Harbor when in need of any of these!

Trade Partners

With Trade Partners, you have the option to trade goods. Each one has special features and offers different opportunities!

The more you trade with a partner, the better your trade relationship becomes. A good relationship improves the rewards you receive from tasks.


There are 3 docks in total, Dock I, Dock II, and the Premium Dock. Valley Elders may choose which trade Partners drop anchor in the first two docks. However, any Valley Member may summon a premium Ship to the Premium Dock.

In the Premium Dock, you can summon Ships from any known Trade Partners. It will cost Gems to summon, and the price varies depending on the partner.

Good to Know

Shipping Tickets

Each Ship task you take consumes one Shipping Ticket. Shipping Tickets are located at the top right-hand corner of your tasks screen and are represented by an anchor icon. They regenerate automatically over time!

Ship & Yellow Pawn Icons

When tapping on the Harbor, you will see 2 icons.

Selecting the ‘Ship’ icon will show you which Ships are currently docked. Selecting the ‘Trade Relations’ icon (looks like a little yellow guy) will show you each Ship’s information and your Relation Level.

Timer & Trade Relation Points

When a ship’s clock runs out, it will leave the dock. You’ll earn extra Trade Relation Points if all tasks are completed before the clock runs out!

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