The Basics

The Valley

As soon as you reach Study Level 4 and research the Valley, you will automatically join one!

The Valley is the hub of activity between multiple villages. Up to 10 villages can be in a Valley. Together, you can advance big Research Projects by completing Ship tasks.

Construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones to gather Valley XP, just like you do in your Village.

What is a Valley Leader?

A Valley Leader runs the Valley and can do the following:

  • Kick and invite members to the Valley
  • Reserve Valley spots
  • Start Valley constructions

You can either become a Leader by creating your own Valley or by starting a Leader Vote, an option only available to players in the top 3 Reputation ranking.

Inviting Players to a Valley

Only the Leader of the Valley can invite new members. They will need to:

  1. Lock the open spot in the Valley

  2. Tap "generate code"

  3. Copy the code in chat

  4. Give the code to the desired player

The invited player should then:

  1. Press the blue button (with the 3 figures) on the left side of their screen
  2. Select ‘Browse Valleys’ and press the ‘Join with code’ button
  3. Type in the invitation code press again ‘Join with code’
Leaving a Valley

Players must always be in a Valley as it is part of the game’s philosophy and also how your Village progresses faster. Therefore, the only way to leave your current Valley is to join another one or create a new one.

To join a different Valley:

1. Press the blue button (with the 3 figures) on the left side of your screen
2. Select ‘Browse Valleys’ to search for a Valley or join with code as mentioned above (Inviting Players to a Valley)

Creating a Valley:

1. Creating a new Valley means you will leave your current one. To create a new Valley:
2. Press the blue button (with the 3 figures) on the left side of your screen
3. Select ‘Create Valley’
4. You can enter a name, write a description, select a minimum level for players to join and add Valley Tags.
5. Spend 10 Gems to create the Valley.

What happens if I was kicked out of the Valley?

Only the Leader is able to kick players from the Valley. If the Leader kicks you from the Valley, you will be automatically assigned to another random Valley.
Good to Know

Valley Books

Complete Ship tasks to obtain Valley Books to advance research at the Great Library.

Valley Monument

Build the Valley Monument to show how high your Valley is ranked.

Village Boost & Valley

Your Village’s Nectar boost does not affect anyone in the Valley. It only applies to villagers working in your Village.

Changing Valleys: What is preserved and what is lost
If you join another Valley, your reputation road hearts will remain the same. However, any products that are currently being made, or are queued, will be canceled. Additionally, any villager assigned to produce resources will be returned to your Village.

Valley Location

While it is not possible to change your spot in the Valley, there is a little trick you can do if there are empty spots. By asking the Leader to reserve the spot and share with you the code, it is possible to rejoin the Valley and go into that reserved spot.

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