Fishing Area

About Fishing area

About Fishing area

The Fishing Lake can be unlocked at Farm level 27, by repairing the Fishing Boat on the Farm.

Repairing the boat will cost 35.000 Coins and once it’s repaired, you can go to the Fishing area by tapping on it!

First Fishing area visit

When you visit the Fishing area for the first time, Angus, a non-player character (NPC) also known as the player’s uncle, will greet you and show you a tutorial about fishing!

He will talk to you again, to introduce Net Maker and the Duck Salon, when these are unlocked. Angus will also help you out whenever needed, simply poke him to see the tutorial again.

Catching Fish

Fishing is pretty simple and fun! As you move to different Fishing areas and start to chase rare fish, it will get more challenging.

To get started:

  • Find an open Fishing area, tap & hold a Lure
  • Drag & drop it into the water
  • Try to attract a fish to the bait by slowly moving the Lure around the Fishing area
  • When a fish bites, a circle will appear around the pool and will start to close
  • You need to keep the hooked fish inside the circle by moving the line in the opposite direction that the fish is swimming
  • If you can keep the fish inside the circle until it closes, you will make the card and it will be recorded in the Fishing Book

Don’t worry about the ones that got away, you can try again until you find a catch! You won’t lose the Lure if the fish manages to wriggle loose, but that one specific fish you might have caught is gone.

Why do my fish escape?

Fishing in the game increases in difficulty when you use certain Lures or when you happen to get a rare fish species to catch on. The rarer the fish, the harder it is to catch it, as they tend to wiggle around and cut loose from the Lures!

When you have the fish closed into the green circle, just make sure not to lift your finger from the screen until it jumps out of the water.

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