The Valley

About The Valley

About The Valley

Upon reaching XP level 25, you can unlock the Valley area of Hay Day, which will open up in seasons!

Tap on the Valley Board and take your truck on a ride to discover this area together with other players.

Roughly 60 players will be visible in your Valley and if you are in a Neighborhood, you will see all of your neighbors. The rest could be solo players or from other Neighborhoods. If players in your Valley stop playing for 2 days, new ones will be brought in to ensure that the Valley is always lively.

Moving around the Valley and completing requests will earn you Tokens, which can be used to purchase precious items in the Valley Shop(s). You may see Chickens / Animals here and there. Catch them or send them to their Sanctuary and they will help you unlock an exclusive Valley Shop containing even more valuable things for sale!

Useful to know

  • Daily Quests

Completing the Daily Quests unlocks numbers of Mystery boxes with rewards!

  • What about my Friends/Followers?

Your Facebook friends and Followers are not added to the map.

The Valley Tutorial
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