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Achievements are goals in the game where you earn Experience, Decorations, points and diamonds on you reach them!

Unlocked at Farm level 6, you can access them by tapping the Farmhouse.

Levels and rewards

There’s a total of 48 different achievements in the game, with 3 levels each, which makes for a total of 144 total achievements!

The rewards in each achievement’s level are as follows:

  • First level

A Green Ribbon and 1 diamond

  • Second level

A Blue Ribbon and 2, 5 or 10 diamonds

  • Third level

A Red Ribbon and 3, 10 or 50 diamonds

Useful to know

  • Experience

Different achievements and their respective levels will give you a different amount of Experience.

  • Unique achievements

There are two unique achievements that have different rewards than the aforementioned ones!

  1. Derby Champ: Players will be rewarded with Special Derby Decorations for each level reached.
  2. Generous Neighbor: The Neighborhood area will be beautified according to the different levels achieved.
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