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Alfred the postman

Alfred the postman

Alfred is a non-player character (NPC), unlocked at Farm level 15, who acts as a postman in the game. He delivers “thank you” letters to the player’s mailbox every day at 12:00 AM UTC time!

“Thank you” notes

Players can send thank you notes to other farmers who helped them with Boat Orders, Truck Orders, serving Town visitors, revive dry trees and bushes. These letters will be delivered by Alfred once a day, and you may find a surprise Gift Card inside!

Packages & Gifts

Alfred also delivers packages purchased from the catalog, surprise gifts from the game and reward packages from the town Mayor at the end of Global Events! He will leave the gift package at the left of the Farmhouse. Click on it to reveal what’s inside!


The mailbox can contain up to 40 Gift Cards. Alfred will not deliver anymore letters if the time limit has been reached! When the mailbox is full, you will see letters lying on the ground and around it. In order to receive more letters from Alfred, you have to use your available Gift Cards to exchange Mystery packages.

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