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Boat Orders

Boat Orders

The Boat is unlocked at Farm Level 17. Once you repair the dock, you will see a Boat come down the river with some orders to complete. Boat Orders are requests for crops and other products, divided into crates that need to be filled.

Completing these orders within a limited time will bring you boatloads of rewards!


Once you fill a crate, you will get Coins and XP. Filling all the crates, and then sending the Boat away, rewards you extra XP, a random Voucher, and Leaderboard points (the sooner you fill the whole shipment, the more Leaderboard points you’ll receive).

Special shipments contain even more extra rewards, like Puzzle Pieces or Expansions Permits (during Boat Events)!

Helping Friends

If you need help completing a tougher order, you can ask your friends for help by tapping on the “Ask for help” button on the crates!

With each Boat, you have the option to ask for up to 3 public help requests, plus 1 exclusive Neighborhood help request. The help request will be indicated by an exclamation mark on the crate. If you want to help others with their crates, just visit their Farms and look for crates with exclamation marks.

Extra Help Request

‘Extra Boat Help’ and ‘More Neighborhood Requests’ Farm Perks allow you to request additional help from other players or your Neighborhood for your Boat Order. These Perks last for an entire Farm Pass Season.

Useful to know
  • Boat Time Limitation and Incomplete Crates

The Boat stays at the dock for an indicated limited amount of time, at which it will always leave, no matter if you achieved to fill all Crates or not. But don’t worry! You always receive the indicated XP and Coins for all the goods you managed to put into Crates!

For as long as you haven’t filled any Crates, you can choose to cast the Boat off ahead of time, and wait for the next Boat to arrive four hours later.

  • Speed-up Boat Arrival

You can speed up the waiting time for the next Boat to arrive by using Diamonds, or activating certain kinds of Boosters!

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