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Booster packages

Booster packages

Booster packages are time-limited diamonds offers that come with a set of Boosters. They are great ways for you to accelerate kinds of Farm activities as well as stock up on diamonds!

Here are 3 types of Booster packages:

  • Booster Pack 1 - 50 diamonds, 3 random three-star Boosters, and 1 random five-star Booster
  • Booster Pack 2 - 130 diamonds, 3 random three-star Boosters, and 3 random five-star Boosters
  • Booster Pack 3 - 275 diamonds and 6 random five-star Boosters

Boosters in the offers will go straight to your storage, so you will be able to store the new Boosters even if your Booster storage is full. You can only buy each package once and they are only available for a few days.

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