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Boosters are accelerator cards that help players with different tasks in the game. They can speed up the growth of crops, make certain buildings produce faster, or even fill Boat crates. You can unlock the Boosters feature at Farm Level 35.

Activate Boosters

  • Press on the Booster you want to use, and confirm by tapping “activate”.
  • Activating more than 1 Booster requires Diamonds, unless you have an ‘Additional Booster Slot’ Farm Perk, which allows you to activate one additional Booster for free for the entire Farm Pass Season.
  • You are not allowed to use 2 Boosters of the same kind at the same time.

Store Boosters

  • First 3 Boosters will be stored automatically, and Diamonds are required to store additional Boosters.
  • There is no limit for stored Boosters you can have.
  • The additional storage space is temporary, once the Booster has been used the storage will go back to the original 3.

My storage is full!

If you currently have 3 Boosters in your storage, the additional Booster will not be stored automatically, but you can:

  • Trash the additional Booster
  • Swap the Booster with an already stored Booster
  • Keep the Booster by using Diamonds
  • Leave it pending, but keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of 3 pending Boosters, other Boosters received will not be shown.
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