Champions League Leaderboard

Champions League Leaderboard

In the Champions League, top Neighborhoods will be ranked in a Global Leaderboard.

Scores are counted on a rolling weekly basis, according to the Neighborhood’s average Champion League points in the previous four weeks of competition. On the fifth week, your oldest week’s points will be removed from the Leaderboard display to make room for more.

There are four (4) different categories to take into consideration:

  • Average points per player: Total score of the Derby divided by the number of players that were opted in.
  • Derby size bonus: More players in the Neighborhood means better bonus.
  • Ranking bonus: The higher your position in the Derby, the bigger the bonus.
  • Trashed tasks per player: Total amount of trashed tasks divided by number of players who were opted in.

Keep in mind that for every task a member trash from the General Task Board, points will be deducted from your week’s Leaderboard score.

If a Neighborhood gets demoted to the Expert League, they will lose their Leaderboard points.

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