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Coins & Diamonds

Coins & Diamonds


Coins are the main currency of the game. Players are able to use them to purchase items or buildings from the shop, or trade products through Roadside Shop.

There are many ways to earn Coins in the game from completing Truck Orders to selling crops or products. In addition to that, opening a Mystery box and spinning the Wheel of Fortune might also surprise you with Coins!


Diamonds are the premium currency of the game. They are being used to purchase certain Decorations, Customization, to speed up waiting time or get missing items.

Players are able to get diamonds from opening Mystery boxes and packages, leveling up, completing achievements, mining, catching new type of fish or Mystery Net, participating in certain Events, Derbies and Valley seasons.

How do I prevent accidentally spent diamonds?

Diamonds are precious in the game and to avoid accidental usage, you should enable the double tap confirmation function by going to your game Settings > Adv. Settings > Enable diamond confirmation.

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