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Custom Decorations

Custom Decorations

Custom Decorations are what make your Farm and Town look perfect!

Start customizing and upgrading your Empty Decoration Plots by placing them on your Farm or Town. You can receive the Empty Decoration Plots from Derbies, Valleys, and the Farm Pass Road.

Each Custom Decoration has many levels, and you can choose the customization as you wish. Upgrading the Custom Decoration may cost you Coins, Vouchers or Blueprints.


Blueprints can be fetched from Derbies and Valleys. They can only be used to upgrade Custom Decorations in the game. You can store up to 15 Blueprints at a time.

Useful to know
  • Get your first Custom Decoration by reaching Farm Level 71!
  • You can only upgrade Custom Decorations, not downgrade them.
  • You cannot purchase Custom Decorations, you can only receive them as a reward.
  • Blueprints are not stored in your Barn, and hence do not take up storage space.
  • You can check the number of Blueprints you own in your Farm's profile by tapping on your XP bar, going to the second tab.
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