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There are many Decorations that you can place on your Farm or Town. They play a very important role in boosting your mood and create a lovely ambiance for your Farm and Town.

Decorations can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Using Coins, Diamonds, or Vouchers to buy them from the Farm’s Shop.
  • Participating in Seasonal/Holiday Events.
  • Winning Derby horseshoes.
  • Buying Diamond Packages/Bundle Offers that contain Decorations.
  • Using Gift Cards to buy Mystery Packages.
  • Spinning the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Receiving gifts from Supercell as Farm Level rewards and other thank-you rewards.
  • Unlocking Sanctuary Animals.
  • Unlocking Special Expansion areas that contain Decorations.
  • Using Tokens to buy from the Valley Shop(s).
  • Using Mystery Nets to catch Secret Decorations.
  • Completing Pass Points in the Farm Pass Road.
  • Custom Decorations can be earned as a reward from Derbies, Valleys, and the Farm Pass Road.

Decoration Storage

All Decorations can be stored in the Farm’s Shop. If you want to unstore a Decoration, please go to your Shop and look for the Decoration under the "Flower" icon. From there, simply drag the Decoration back onto your Farm.

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