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Decorative Animals

Decorative Animals

Frogs, Foxes, Butterflies, Birds, and others are Decorative Animals that visit your Farm every now and then!

You can interact with most of them, making sounds or moving. The Raven, for example, can have its feathers flicked away when flying!

Decoration effects

While these animals have no particular aim, or threaten your Farm, there are certain Decorations that increase the possibility of having more of a certain type of animal!

Tap repeatedly on the Decorations shown below to attract your desired animals:

  • Flowers attract Butterflies
  • Birdhouse attracts Birds
  • Ponds increase the number of Frogs
  • Foxes tend to hang around bushes

You can check the description of each Decoration for more info!

Useful to know

  • Stuck animals

These animals need free space in order to move, so if your Farm is a little crowded, they may be stuck and unable to move from their spot!

You may want to consider rearranging your Farm’s design, leaving them more free space to move around.

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