Derby rewards

Derby rewards

As Neighborhood members complete Derby tasks and collect points, new horseshoe rewards will be unlocked.

For every horseshoe you earned, you will be able to pick one prize out of three from each column at the end of the Derby race. You can get from 1 up to 9 different prizes depending on the current League you are in. Also, if you finish the race in the top 3 position, you will get additional prizes!

You have a choice to reshuffle the rewards set at the end of the derby race before you claim them. If you wish to keep some rewards from being shuffled, simply select them before tapping on the reshuffle button. Keep in mind that shuffling costs diamonds.

I didn’t get the rewards from Derby!

If you’re not able to claim any Derby rewards, below are some potential reasons:

  • You left the Neighborhood before the Derby ends
  • You didn’t complete at least one Derby task
  • Your Neighborhood did not collect enough points to unlock horseshoe rewards
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