Derby Tasks

Derby Tasks

Derby Tasks are actions already made in your daily farming life, like serving visitors for example!

Once you grab a task, a counter will appear in the top right of the screen (under the Voucher counter). Tap and hold the icon for information regarding your ongoing task, and how much time you have to complete it.

Completed tasks reward you with points, enabling you to pick another task. You can do a maximum of 5-6-7-8 or 9 tasks per Derby, depending on your League.

Useful to know
  • Generated Tasks

Tasks are generated depending on the highest Farm Level in your Neighborhood that is currently participating in the Derby Race. However, you can pick a task below, or at your current Farm Level, no matter if the required production building has been built or not on your Farm.

E.g. Sushi Bar is a production building unlocked at Farm Level 56. Once you reach Farm Level 56, any Derby Tasks involving the usage of Sushi Bar will be available for you, even if you haven’t built the Sushi Bar in your Farm.

  • Unwanted Tasks

If there’s a task that nobody wants to do, the Leader, Co-leaders or Elders have the option to trash it. The Neighborhood will receive a new one after a short cooldown period.

  • Completed Tasks

Once your designated tasks are completed, you can buy an extra one if you’d like!

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