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Edit Mode

Edit Mode

Edit Mode, located above the Friends Bar button, is available once you reach Farm level 25! At Farm level 34 the same feature for Town unlocks, and both of them function the same way.

You will have 2 Farm/Town layout slots, to begin with, and the active one will be labeled with a green check. Additional layout slots can be purchased with diamonds, but keep in mind that Farm and Town layout slots must be purchased separately.

Saving a layout

To save a layout, just tap the big green check mark on the bottom left, and there will be a confirmation pop up asking if you want to save your changes. You can save your editing progress even if it’s not ready to use!

What’s awesome about this feature is that even if you lose connection while editing, your progress will be automatically saved and a pop up will appear when you reopen the game, asking if you want to continue with that design or discard it.

Can’t activate a layout

To activate the layout, all essential items need to be placed on your farm. That includes:

  • Buildings
  • Machines
  • Trees
  • Fields
  • Bushes
  • Pet
  • Animal Habitats

Having placed all the essential items, the exclamation mark will disappear from the layout, giving you the option to “set as active” and use that new layout.

Edit mode
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