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Expansion Permit

Expansion Permit

Expansion Permits are a type of supplies which allows you to unlock Special Expansion areas on the bottom side of the Farm.

They are unlocked at Farm level 25 and can be found in:

  • The Valley’s Shop
  • Derby rewards
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Special Boat Events
  • Mid-level rewards
  • Huge Mystery boxes

I can’t find them in my Barn!

Unlike other supplies, Expansion Permits are not stored in the Barn. To see the amount of Expansion Permits you currently have:

  • Tap on any of the Special Expansion areas on the other side of the road, or;
  • Go to your Farm's profile by tapping on your XP bar and go to the second tab.

Note Once you fully unlocked all the Special Expansion areas, you will not be rewarded with any more Expansion Permits.

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