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Farm Helpers: Rose & Ernest

Farm Helpers: Rose & Ernest

Farm Helpers’ house is located above the mine, up on the cliff. Players can unlock these characters, Rose and Ernest, at Farm Level 33. Once you have unlocked them, their service is free for 7 days when you hire them for the first time.

Farm Helpers’ service can be hired by spending diamonds:

  • 15 Diamonds for 3 days
  • 30 Diamonds for 7 days
  • 55 Diamonds for 14 days

When their service expires, a yellow flag with a ‘%’ icon is seen flying over the Helper’s house. This means that you will be able to hire them with a special discount.

Players can also use ‘Hire Rose For Free’ Boosters to hire Rose and ‘Hire Ernest For Free’ for Ernest. The service duration may vary according to the Booster’s star, from 6 hours to 72 hours.


Rose is an animal caretaker, she will make Animal Feed to keep your animals fed and collect their products for you. She can collect Eggs, Milks, Wools, Bacon and Goat Milks depends on your desired quantity up to their maximum storage limit.

She will always work to keep up the supply of products you demand. As long as you don’t run out of crops that Rose needs to make Animal Feed, she will happily keep working until she has met your quota.

Rose has a ‘Settings’ button on the top left which offers you three (3) options to choose:

  • Feed all animals and keep extra feed
  • Keep extra feed. Doesn’t feed all animals
  • No extra feed. Only make feed when needed

Make sure you choose the correct option to cater your needs, especially if you’re working on animal Derby tasks. Rose’s action does not count towards the Derby task.


Ernest is a dairy farmer and sugar miller. He is able to produce any items from the Dairy or Sugar Mill. This includes Cream, Butter, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Brown Sugar, White Sugar and Syrup.

Just like Rose, he will always work to keep up the products you demand, and only stops when he has met your quota, or run out of Milk or Sugar. Ernest’s work does not count towards Derby Tasks.

Queue and Storage

The goods that Rose and Ernest collect will be stored in their storage, not in the Barn. Their queue and storage capacities increase as players level up. Keep in mind that the Animal Feeds that Rose collects does not take up any storage space at all, neither Barn nor Helper’s storage. When players use an item that Helpers have stock in, their stock will be used up first and followed by the player’s stock.


When the Helpers are collecting, they gain experience for you. Once in awhile, you may find random Tools appear in the left corner of the Helper’s house, near the flagpole!

Farm Helpers
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