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Farm Pass Road

Farm Pass Road

When Farm Pass starts, you will see the cute Baby Chicks run away from their little house. You will need to tap the chick house to open the Farm Pass menu.

Once you are on the Farm Pass menu, you will be able to see these three tabs, the Goals, Pass road, and Perks. In the Pass road tab, there will be two sides of the road, the Free road and the Farm Pass road. It displays all the rewards that you can earn in the current Farm Pass season, and will also show your progress along the way.

Free Road

Everyone has access to the Free road, which is the bottom part of the Farm Pass road. You can get rewards like one of the Perks, XP, Coins, Expansion Materials, Permits, Puzzle Pieces, and more!

Farm Pass Road

If you purchase the Farm Pass, you will have access to the exclusive top part of the road, which is loaded with more Perks, Baby Chicks, and the animal accessory - Hats!

What are Perks?

Perks enhance your game experience. There are currently 10 types of Perks, and they last for the entire Farm Pass season once you collect them!

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