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Fishing Book

Fishing Book

The Fishing Book can be accessed by tapping on your Fisherman’s Hut. When you open the scrapbook, you will find a collection of fishes you have caught!

There are 43 different fish species to catch. When you catch a new fish type, go back to your fish scrapbook, and you will find its picture. If the picture of the fish is flashing, it means that there is a reward to be collected!


The rewards you receive depend on the weight of the fish!

The heavier the catch, the higher the reward:

  • Small fish (Bronze category): 1 Diamond
  • Medium fish (Silver category): 2 Diamonds
  • Big fish (Gold category): 3 Diamonds
  • Large fish (Platinum category): 4 Diamonds
Useful to know
  • Lure Hints

You can also find hints in the Fishing Book about what type of Lures attract each type of fish, and the best Fishing areas to find them! This will help you learn how to catch a specific type of fish.

  • Fish Description

Tap & hold the fish pictures to read a brief description of the different types of fish.

  • Unique Fishes

Some of the fishes can only be caught during the Global Fishing Event. You can find these unique fishes in the Fishing Book with an event icon on top of the picture.

Fish Book
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