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Friend Book

Friend Book

The Friend Book allows you to manage all your friends. To access it, tap the “Friend List” icon on the bottom right of the screen, and tap the “Book” icon on the left side of the list.

In the Friend Book, you will find:

  • A ‘Requests’ tab: search with the Player Tag to send a friend request. Your own Player Tag is shown under the search bar.
  • An ‘In-game Friends’ tab: all your in-game friends are listed in descending order of XP Level. The maximum number of friends you can have is 250, including in-game friends, followers, and pending requests.
  • An ‘Other Friends’ tab: all your social media friends show up here. You can invite like-minded friends through Facebook if your game is connected to it.
  • A ‘Followers’ tab: Farms that you are following, and friends who follow you, show up here. You can follow up to 10 Farms by tapping on the ‘Bookmark’ icon next to the Farmer Avatar when visiting Farms that you really like.
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