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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are used to purchase Mystery packages that can contain diamonds or Exclusive Decorations from the Gift Catalogue! You can access the catalogue via mailbox, which is located beside the Roadside Shop.

It is unlockable at Farm level 15, along with Alfred the postman.

How to get a Gift Card

Gift Cards can be found in “thank you” letters that players send after other farmers helped their Farm with completing Boat Orders, Truck Orders, serving Town visitors, reviving dry trees and bushes.

You can only receive up to 7 Gift Cards per day, and hold a maximum of 40 Gift Cards at a time. Keep in mind that if you have reached this time limit, you can’t collect more Gift Cards until you use the ones you already have!

Mystery package types

There are 7 types of Mystery packages with different rewards and costs:

  • Small Mystery Package costs 10 Gift Cards
  • Medium Mystery Package costs 20 Gift Cards
  • Large Mystery Package costs 30 Gift Cards
  • Mystery Deco Mystery Package costs 25 or 35 Gift Cards
  • Tool Mystery Package costs 5 Gift Cards
  • Town Mystery Package costs 10 Gift Cards
  • Booster Mystery Package costs 10 Gift Cards

Once you place an order, Alfred will deliver the package to your Farmhouse. Simply tap on the Mystery package to reveal what is inside!

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