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Global Events

Global Events

Global Events allow players from all around the world to win global rewards by achieving common goals together with the whole community! Such events usually last for several days.

To gain access to a Global Event Goal, you first have to reach the Personal Event Goal that is marked with a special blue icon.

Having gained access, you will be able to see the counter with all the points contributed by players, which is updated in real-time.

Requirements to participate in Global Events

  • You need to reach minimum Farm Level 9 to participate in Global Events.
  • Some events will require a higher Farm Level.
    • E.g. The Boat is unlocked at Farm Level 17, thus, to join the Filling Boat Order Event, you need to unlock the Boat feature in the game first.


Personal Event Goals you unlock reward you with:

  • Diamonds
  • Vouchers
  • Supplies
  • Boosters

If you, together with the global community, were able to reach a Global Event Goal, the Mayor will send Alfred the Postman on a special delivery run with rewards for everyone who contributed!


All the points you contribute to reach Personal Goals will also count towards the Global Event Goal. If you have already unlocked all your Personal Goals, keep contributing, these additional points will still be counted towards the Global Event Goal!

Global Event Types

  • Filling Boat/Truck Orders

  • Catching Fish
  • Helping other players
  • Serving Town Visitors
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