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Goals and Rewards

Goals and Rewards

Farm Pass rewards are unlockable by completing Goals.


Goals are set for regular things you do on the Farm, like planting, harvesting, fishing, feeding animals, etc, and they are rewarded with Pass Points. Goals are divided into Daily and Seasonal.

Daily Goals

Daily Goals are simple, easy to complete, and you have 24 hours to reach the Goal. After that, you get new Daily Goals.

Seasonal Goals

Seasonal Goals are larger and give more Pass Points. You will have the entire season to reach the Seasonal Goals, so there’s no rush! Every week, new Seasonal Goals are added to the list.

Points & Rewards

With the Pass Points you received from completing Goals, the Baby Chick advances on the road and unlocks rewards. The more points you earn, the farther the chick walks, the more rewards you get!

How do I collect Rewards and Perks?

To collect rewards, you just need to tap on them. As for Perks, tap on them to collect and activate them!

Useful to know

  • You can only complete each Goal once, and there will be 3 Daily Goals per day.
  • If you purchase the Farm Pass, you can collect all rewards on the road, including all the Perks!
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