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Greg is every player’s first friend in the game right at Farm Level 1, and a regular visitor throughout the whole game.

Greg’s Farm exhibits all Production Machines, Decorations, and Habitats available in the game! The appearance of his Farm changes whenever new features are added, or during Seasonal Events.

Roadside Shop

Besides gazing at his beautiful Farm, you can purchase goodies from his Roadside Shop at a cheaper price. Greg sells six different types of items that you have already unlocked, and hence that you can purchase if wanted. They reset every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC. For 5 Diamonds, you have the option to get new items offered in Greg’s Roadside Shop by pressing the ‘Restock Items’ button. You can do this up to 3 times a day. But, keep this in mind! Only items of boxes that you have not yet purchased will restock when pressing that button, and it will not affect the boxes of already purchased items!

Greg’s Town

His Town features every Service Buildings and Decorations available. Players are able to pick up the waiting Town Visitors using their Personal Train from his Train Station Platform.

Lumberjack Role

Greg also acts as a Lumberjack to remove dead trees and bushes on your Farm. This is an offer and will make limited appearances from Farm Level 25 onward. He will only offer his service if your Farm has 20 or more permanently dead trees and bushes at the tie of the offer.

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