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How to serve the Town Visitors

How to serve the Town Visitors

Each Town Visitor needs to visit one to three Service Buildings. Once you have sent the visitors into a Service Building, you can see what products they request, by tapping on the building and then tapping on the visitor. They will ask for up to 4 different products made on your Farm. You only need to drag and drop one of the items to the visitor, and the other requested items will automatically follow.

If you manage to serve the visitors in all of the buildings they intend to visit, you will get a special reward, which could be Tools or Upgrade and Expansion Materials. Once the visitors have been served in all the buildings as they had planned, they will go back to the Train Station and wait for the next train to pick them up.

If you don’t have the items the visitor asks for available, you can:

  • use the ‘Ask for help’ button to request for help:
    • You can ask for up to 3 public help requests, plus 1 exclusive Neighborhood help request per day.
    • ‘Extra Town Help’ and ‘More Neighborhood Requests’ Farm Perks allow you to request additional help from other players or your Neighborhood. These Perks last for the entire Farm Pass Season.
  • send them away by tapping on the visitor, switching to the next page of the ‘Request’ tab, and dragging the ‘Locomotive’ icon to the visitor.
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