Upgrade & Expansions

Land Expansion

Land Expansion

Players have the possibility to expand their land slots on the Farm, Fishing spots and in the Town to obtain more space by using several types of supplies.


Expansion in the Farm is available from Farm level 22 onwards. You may notice some areas with Special Decorations on the bottom side of the Farm, and you can expand those areas when you reach Farm level 25.

To expand Farm areas, you will need to use several Land Deeds, Mallets and Marker Stakes depending on the size of land. In addition to that, areas with Special Decorations require Expansion Permits to expand.


Unlocking Fishing spots work the same as expanding your Farm. You are able to expand Fishing spots when you unlock the Fishing Lake at Farm level 27. You can use the same supplies as in the Farm to expand the Fishing spots. Keep in mind that the amount of supplies required vary depending on each spot.


Town expansion is available from Reputation level 3. Each plot of land in Town needs Map Pieces and combine with two other types of supplies (Land Deed, Mallet or Marker Stake). Keep in mind that Map Piece is a unique supply that can only be used in your Town area.

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