There are a total of five (5) different Derby Leagues and each of them determines the number of tasks players can complete and rewards they can get.


  • Rookie (Green): 5 tasks available, 5 possible rewards
  • Novice (Blue): 6 tasks available, 6 possible rewards
  • Professional (Pink): 7 tasks available, 7 possible rewards
  • Expert (Gold): 8 tasks available, 8 possible rewards
  • Champion (Purple): 9 tasks available, 9 possible rewards + Leaderboard


Neighborhoods winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze will get promoted to the next League, meeting with other winning Neighborhoods for a new challenge.



  • finishing in the bottom 3 positions
  • not reaching the first horseshoe
  • having no members participating in that week’s Derby

will be demoted to the previous League.

Useful to know

  • Retain League

If you are neither top 3 nor bottom 3 and achieve at least one horseshoe, you will remain in the same League for the next Derby.

  • Extra Tasks

If the available tasks are not enough, you can also purchase one extra task with diamonds in every League.

  • Prizes

The higher your League, you will have a higher possibility to obtain more and better prizes!

Introducing Derby Leagues
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