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Lobsters & Ducks

Lobsters & Ducks


Lobster Pool will be unlocked at Farm level 44 and it costs 80.000 Coins to repair. It is where your Lobsters will swim while their Tails are prepared. To catch Lobsters, you will need Lobster Traps which can be made in the Net Maker.

When you first unlock the Lobster Pool, there is only enough space for one Lobster. But you can upgrade the Lobster Pool to create up to 6 spaces for Lobsters to swim in the Pool.

Upgrading Lobster Pool costs:

  • 2nd seat: 45.000 Coins
  • 3rd seat: 52.500 Coins
  • 4th seat: 63.800 Coins
  • 5th seat: 79.800 Coins
  • 6th seat: 102.000 Coins

You may also use diamonds to speed up the upgrade, the cost may vary depending on the seat.

Lobster Tails are used to produce items such as Frutti di Mare Pizza, Lobster Soup, Skewer, Sushi, Salad and delicious Pasta in the game.


Duck Salon can be unlocked at Farm level 50 and 90.000 Coins are required to repair. The Salon is where your Ducks will be pampered in order to retrieve their beautiful Feathers. Once the Salon is built, Duck Traps, the Yellow Rubber Ducky Tube, will be available to make in Net Maker.

Like the Lobster Pool, the Duck Salon can be upgraded 5 times to hold up to 6 Ducks at a time, with a different costs:

  • 2nd seat: 51.000 Coins
  • 3rd seat: 59.000 Coins
  • 4th seat: 72.000 Coins
  • 5th seat: 90.000 Coins
  • 6th seat: 115.000 Coins

Duck Feathers are used to make products such as Pillow, Blanket, Top hat and beautiful Sun Hat in the game.


Unlike other Production Buildings, Lobster Pool and Duck Salon cannot be moved or rotated. These buildings cannot earn Mastery Stars.

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