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Lucky Bonus

Lucky Bonus

Lucky Bonus gives you the chance to get amazing prizes by completing Valley Daily Quests!

Tap on the Pig icon, appearing on your Daily Quest bar, to start a quest!

The Mini Game

The Mini Game consists of 3 rounds, each with a set of cards containing prizes and bombs. As soon as you get a first glimpse of the cards, they are turned and shuffled.

You can start choosing as many cards as you want, but be careful! Clicking on a bomb will make you lose all your prizes, even from previous rounds.

There are 3 rounds of Lucky Bonus with a different number of cards and bombs:

  • Round 1: 6 cards, 1 bomb
  • Round 2: 9 cards, 2 bombs
  • Round 3: 15 cards, 3 bombs
Useful to know
  • Skipping a bomb

After getting a bomb, you can use Diamonds to continue the Mini Game. However, if you choose not to use Diamonds, you will lose all your prizes, even from the previous rounds. Keep in mind that bombs have their own pricing in each round.

  • Skipping a round

It’s not mandatory to uncover all the available cards! You can move to the next round even if you have only chosen 1 card.

  • End Bonus

If you don’t feel like pushing your luck anymore, tapping on the ‘End Bonus’ allows you to collect your prizes and leave the Mini Game.

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