Fishing Area

Lures & Nets & Traps

Lures & Nets & Traps

Lure Workbench

Fishing Lures can be produced by the Lure Workbench, which is given for free once you unlocked the Fishing area. There are 5 different kinds of Lures and each one attracts a different type of fish. You don’t need any resources to produce the Red Lure, but you will need Vouchers to produce other Lures such as Green, Blue, Purple and Gold Lures.

Net Maker

Net Maker is unlockable at Farm level 30 and it costs 28.000 Coins to repair. It is used to produce Fishing Nets, Mystery Nets, Lobster Traps and Duck Traps.

Fishing Nets are used to catch 3 fishes and it does not need anything to make. While Mystery Nets also catch 3 fishes at a time, but it may also contain Unique Decoration that can only be obtained by Mystery Net itself. Sometimes Mystery Nets might surprise you with diamonds, supplies and Vouchers too!

Note that 5 diamonds are needed to produce each Mystery Net.

Upgrading Buildings

Each Fishing area’s Production Buildings come with 2 slots to start. You can unlock more slots up to a maximum of 9 slots by using diamonds. Note that the diamond costs for each slot increases, from 10 diamonds for 3rd slot to 415 diamonds required for 9th slot.

All the Lures, Nets and Traps will be stored in the Tackle box and these items cannot be sold.

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