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Neighborhood Request System

Neighborhood Request System

Near your Neighborhood building, there is a request board that looks like a birdhouse. There, you can request items from your neighbors in your Neighborhood!

Tap on the request board and you will see 2 tabs:

  • Request tab

Request from or donate to your neighbors, and check your and your neighbors’ requests!

  • Info tab

Keep track of all your neighbors’ statistics of the previous week. According to your statistics, you can get different generosity titles!

To request items, simply tap on the request board and select the request button.

If you are trying to make a new request, remember to pick up items donated by your neighbors from the Neighborhood patio. It's a beautifully paved courtyard next to the Neighborhood house!

Useful to know
  • Request Limitations

There is a limit for the number of items you can ask in each request:

  • Crops: max 10
  • Products: max 5
  • Tools, Expansion & Upgrade Materials: max 3
  • Lures: max 3
  • Request Cooldown

After requesting, there’s an 8-hour cool down before a new request can be put on the board! If you need to request before that, use Diamonds for being allowed to put an extra request.

  • ‘More Neighborhood Requests’ Farm Perk

The ‘More Neighborhood Requests’ Farm Perk allows you to request one daily additional help request from your Neighborhood for the entire Farm Pass Season.

  • Donating Benefits

Donating to your neighbors will earn you XP. You can donate up to 20 items a day, which can give you a lot of XP!

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