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Neighborhood Roles & Chat Room

Neighborhood Roles & Chat Room

There are 4 roles in a Neighborhood:

Leader: The Leader is in charge of the whole Neighborhood. They have the power to invite/kick members, edit members’ roles and Neighborhood Settings, trash unwanted Derby tasks, and opt members out of Derby. It is also possible for a Leader to step down and promote a Co-leader to take the "Leader" role.

Co-leaders: They are appointed by the Leader (or other Co-leaders), and are second in command. They have almost the same privileges as the Leader, but cannot demote or kick out the Leader (Co-leader can only demote or kick out Elders and Members).

Elders: They can send invitations, accept requests, and trash Derby tasks. They are like the glue that holds the Neighborhood together!

Members: They do not have any special role other than being a part of the group, working with the group and taking part in the discussions in the chat. Members can be promoted if they feel like they want more responsibility. Simply ask one of your Co-leaders or your Leader.

What if the Leader leaves the Neighborhood?

If a Leader leaves a Neighborhood without appointing a new Leader, the one who has the highest role level and has been in the Neighborhood the longest will automatically be promoted to "Leader". For example, a new Leader could be the Co-leader who joined in at the earliest, or the oldest Elder, if there is no Co-leader.

Chat Room

Once you are in the Neighborhood, you can tap on the little yellow arrow on the left side of the screen, and it will expand the chat window. There are three tabs:

  • Chat tab: tap on the chat button on the bottom right and chat away!
  • Neighborhood notification: the Leader and Co-leaders can send a maximum of 5 notifications for all members. If you want to send more, old messages need to be deleted.
  • Neighborhood Derby task log: the Leader or Co-leaders can choose to make this information visible through the Neighborhood Settings.
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