Events & Achievements

Normal Events

Normal Events

Events are time limited activities that allow players to participate and receive bonuses, boosts or rewards. The Event Board will display the ongoing event and if there is no active event, it will display as blank. Farm level 9 is required to participate in events.

Bonus Events give players extra items such as Coins, Experience points, Reputation points, supplies, Vouchers, Boosters, Expansion Permits or Puzzle Pieces. While Boost Events make crops or machines faster.

Here are the events you may find in the game:

  • Crops bonuses and boosts
  • Production boosts
  • Riverboat bonuses
  • Spin the Wheel bonuses
  • Truck bonuses
  • Town visitors bonuses
  • Farm visitor bonuses

Check our weekly calendar every Sunday on the in game news and on our official social media to know the upcoming events!

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