Events & Achievements

Normal Events

Normal Events

Events are time-limited activities that allow players to participate and receive bonuses, boosts, or rewards. The Event Board will display the ongoing event and if there is no active event, it will display as blank. Farm-level 9 is required to participate in events.

Bonus Events give players extra items such as Coins, Experience Points, Reputation Points, supplies, Vouchers, Boosters, Expansion Permits, or Puzzle Pieces. Boost Events speed up crops and machines.

List of events:

  • Crops Bonuses and Boosts

  • Production Boosts

  • Boat Bonuses

  • Spin the Wheel Bonuses

  • Truck Bonuses

  • Town Visitors Bonuses

  • Farm Visitor Bonuses

Every Sunday, check our weekly calendar on the in-game news and on our official social media to find out what events you can expect during the upcoming week!

Good to know

When you are really close to completing all the Sanctuary Animals, you might not be able to get Puzzle Pieces during a Boat Puzzle Piece Event anymore. This is because:

  • The system will generate the Puzzle Pieces in other ways, such as giving the option to purchase them through the Valley Shop, obtaining them as rewards from Derby Horseshoes, receiving them from Mystery Boxes, or winning them in the Wheel of Fortune.

  • Your Puzzle Piece quota is full for that week. Once the quota of a week is reached, the game won’t generate any additional Puzzle Pieces.

Don’t worry if this happens, check all possible ways to collect Puzzle Pieces, or wait for your new Puzzle Piece quota of the following week.

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